A German designer based in Paris for nearly 15 years, Bea Bühler brings her interior design expertise and architectural sensibilities to the world of handbag design. Drawing inspiration from artists and architects who have taken roundness to new geometrical levels, Bea explored the complexity of the circle with her first ever collection titled, Balloon.

She continued her fascination of circularity with the most recent collection: Moon, a journey of the circle in 11 pieces. Launched during Paris Fashion Week A/W 2016, each model gives a new perspective on the beauty of round, such as the XL Moon Clutch that transforms from full to half circle in one sophisticated fold. 



Despite the simple, minimalist appearance of Bea Bühler’s designs, each bag demands fine attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. This is the reason why Bea works with some of the best artisans in France. Through their unrivalled expertise and commitment to using only the noblest of materials, these professionals are able to bring each of Bea’s design to life with exceptional quality.  



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